IT Specialist – Artificial Intelligence


Learning Outcomes: 

After joining this course, participants will understand how to:

  •        Identify the problem we are trying to solve using AI (e.g., user segmentation, improving customer service)
  •        Classify the problem (e.g., regression, unsupervised learning)
  •        Identify the areas of expertise needed to solve the problem.
  •        Build a security plan.
  •        Ensure that AI is used appropriately.
  •        Choose transparency and validation activities.
  •        Assess data quality.
  •        Ensure that data are representative.
  •        Select features for the AI model.
  •        Identify training and test data sets.
  •        Consider the applicability of specific algorithms.
  •        Train a model using the selected algorithm.
  •        Evaluate model performance (e.g., accuracy, precision)
  •        Look for potential sources of bias in the algorithm.
  •        Obtain stakeholder approval.
  •        Plan to address potential challenges of models in production.
  •        Design a production pipeline, including application integration.
  •        Support the AI solution.
  •        Assess business impact (Key performance indicators)
  •        Measure impacts on individuals and communities.
  •        Consider improvement or decommission on a regular basis.






Training RP2.300.000 | 3 Days
  • Bali: Rp4.500.000 | 3 days
  • Yogyakarta: Rp4.000.000 | 3 days
  • Offline training fees do not include transportation and lodging costs.
  • Minimum of 5 participants
  • Get a one-time exam certification for training and certifications package

Training & Certification

RP4.500.000 | 6 Days

  • Bali: Rp7000.000 | 5 days
  • Yogyakarta: Rp6000.000 | 5 days



  •        AI Problem Definition
  •        Data Collection, Processing, and Engineering
  •        AI Algorithms and Models
  •        Application Integration and Deployment
  •        Maintaining and Monitoring AI in Production



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