IT Specialist – HTML and CSS


Learning Outcomes: 

After joining this course, participants will understand how to:

  •         Construct markup that uses metadata elements.
  •         Construct well-formed page markup.
  •         Analyze and implement inline styles, internal (embedded) style sheets, and external style sheets.
  •         Construct and analyze the rule set.
  •         Construct and analyze markup to structure content and organize data.
  •         Construct and analyze markup that uses HTML5 semantic elements.
  •         Construct and analyze markup that displays images.
  •         Construct and analyze markup that plays video and audio.
  •         Construct and analyze styles that position content.
  •         Construct and analyze styles that format backgrounds and borders.
  •         Analyze styles that create a simple responsive layout.
  •         Apply accessibility principles and evaluate content accessibility.
  •         Evaluate the structural integrity of HTML and CSS markup.






Training RP2.300.000 | 3 Days
  • Bali: Rp4.500.000 | 3 days
  • Yogyakarta: Rp4.000.000 | 3 days
  • Offline training fees do not include transportation and lodging costs.
  • Minimum of 5 participants
  • Get a one-time exam certification for training and certifications package

Training & Certification

RP4.500.000 | 6 Days

  • Bali: Rp7000.000 | 5 days
  • Yogyakarta: Rp6000.000 | 5 days



  •         HTML Fundamentals
  •         CSS Fundamentals
  •         Document Structure using HTML.
  •         Multimedia Presentation using HTML.
  •         Webpage Styling using CSS.
  •         Accessibility, Readability, and Testing



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