Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365


After this course, participants will know how to Create SharePoint sites, Manage SharePoint site storage limits, Create and configure SharePoint hub sites, Describe how to use SharePoint Admin Center to manage SharePoint sites, etc  


1.Plan and Configure SharePoint Sites 

•Overview of SharePoint in Microsoft 365 

•Configure SharePoint sites 

•Manage SharePoint sites 


2.Configure and Manage OneDrive 

•Overview of OneDrive in Microsoft 365 

•Deploy OneDrive 

•Manage OneDrive 


3.Sharing and Security in SharePoint and OneDrive 

•Manage SharePoint site permissions 

•Manage sharing in SharePoint and OneDrive 

•Manage security in SharePoint and OneDrive 


4.Manage User Profiles and Apps 

•Manage User Profiles 

•Manage apps 


5.Plan and Configure Managed Metadata and Business Connectivity Services 

•Plan and configure Managed Metadata 

•Plan and configure Business Connectivity Services 


6.Plan and Configure Search 

•Plan search 

•Configure search



Kontak Kami